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Women's Health Insurance - An Adequate Health Plan Is A Priority For All

Women's Health Insurance - An Adequate Health Plan Is A Priority For All

 Women's Health Insurance - An Adequate Health Plan Is A Priority For All

Women's health insurance is a subject that is of major concern for a vast majority of working ladies. In fact, health insurance in general, is a hot topic for many of today's consumers. With so many companies downsizing or completely eliminating their employee benefit packages the thought of not having adequate health insurance is scary. This is especially true for women because the facts clearly show that nearly 1 out of every 5 women are underinsured or have no women's health insurance offered by their employer.

Like most other health insurance plans there are a variety of women's health insurance providers, but they are a scattered patchwork of insurance offerings that leave many ladies confused and wondering how adequate their health insurance coverage is and can they find a better health plan elsewhere with another insurance company or provider. Take Medicaid for instance, this insurance coverage was designed for low-income women and pregnant women as well as a few other categories. In reality Medicaid only provides women's health insurance coverage for between 8%-10% of all women.

Company sponsored health insurance plans provide benefits and coverage for about 66% of the women that are employed by a company that offers any form of health insurance coverage. Individual health insurance plans cover about 55 percent of the working women population. Sadly, this leaves a rather large and alarming number (about 20%) of ladies that have no type of women's health insurance based on inability to afford a private health insurance plan, not qualifying for Medicaid or working for an employer that doesn't offer health insurance as an employee benefit program.

It's no big secret that women have different health concerns and risks then men so it's vitally important that when choosing a provider of women's health insurance the proper research is done in order to insure that these additional health needs are addressed properly and completely. Most women tend to live longer making the requirement for a health care plan even more important then your average health care insurance coverage.

Women's health insurance continues to be studied and analyzed carefully by many companies in order to fully understand the unique requirements women face with their health related issues and concerns. With so many women still underinsured or receiving no health coverage at all, this promises to open up new avenues of opportunity for every woman to be offered adequate health insurance coverage.

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